About Eleanor Rose
(nom de plume,
Christina Walden Ehn)
In late August, 1956, I found myself in a dark and lonely
place in my mind. I was young, and lonely, feeling the
world was to big and lonely for me. I knew about Jesus,
and I knew of Heaven and Hell, but I hadn’t put it all
together in my mind, as to what it all meant.

Then through the great mercy of Jesus Christ, I was able to
hear and believe and receive His marvelous gift of
Redemption and New Life.

To describe this glorious thing that happened to me, I wrote
this poem, which I share with you, hoping that you, too,
will believe and receive the glorious gift of forgiveness of
sins, and new abundant life.


Born in Babylon, and shining lights
Disguised the pale and gloom of nights.

Alone I wondered all around,
And peace was nowhere to be found.

And where is Babylon, where I was born?
Where night is loved, God put to scorn?

It’s this old world, with all its fears!
It’s hollow laughter, its wail and tears!

But wonder! Oh! Such wonder, this!
My soul can know of heaven’s kiss!

Babylon I leave behind!
My heart is changed to different kind!

Born of Heaven! Now I’m free!
Free at last, to worship Thee!

Born of Your spirit from above!
Born by Your Love! Born by Your Love!

And I look back to Babylon,
And see its frightful woes roll on!

And I’m so glad He saw me there!
Weak and dying, in despair!

Born in Babylon! Born to die!
Rebellious sinner, and lost was I!

But great salvation Christ does give!
Born of Him! I’m born to live!
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