“A Good Time, Children”  is fiction.   But it is based on fact.   Every fictionalized  act of
persecution against Christians,  told  in this story, has happened in real life in America, over
the past forty-five years.   
Including the mass kidnapping  of Christian children, who, at this writing, have yet to be
returned to their families.   
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  • A Man of Faith
Is a Story of Love and Forgiveness.
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  • A Good Time, Children
Is a Story of Faithfulness in Persecution.

  • The Return
Is an Allegorical Dream of Christ’s Love.

  • Augie Bear
Even Grown-ups are allowed to laugh.

  • Zamzar
  • The War of the Nephilim
God’s Eternal, Unchanging Word, is True, in all  
times, in all places, under all circumstances.

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"Man of Faith"
CHANCE LUNDGREN---On the same night he foils a vicious gang rape, Chance Lundgren’
s life takes a U-Turn for God. He finds peace, new direction, and romance, while attending
a small, Fundamentalist Bible College in rural Northern Michigan.

His first assignment is to be the Assistant Pastor of a small church congregation in
University Park, Illinois.

He has no place to go but up.

Then his one misstep comes back to haunt him, rip his heart out, and destroy his entire life.


DEMI SANDOVAL---sweet, friendly, dark-haired, fire-eyed. Incredibly beautiful. Innocence

JADE POE---thin, blond, athletic, smart and generous hearted. She found no contradiction
at all between being a feminist and being a faithful Christian wife.

DEACON OLAF BROWN—rough-hewn, country-bred. Retired to a Chicago suburb, in
order to spend his remaining days caring for God’s House. He just liked the Kid.

DEAN MARQUETTE---the Pharisee

PROFESSOR FLOYD URBAN---elderly, short, skinny, a perpetual twinkle in his eyes. He
likes to recite poetry. His rule of life is to always do the kind thing.

REVEREND PAXTON STONE---He just wasn’t right.

BILL WYNN---He considered being the class clown to be a high and holy calling.

DALE MARTINDALE---Like Jesus, he was a carpenter. Like the ancient Prophet Hosea, he
went down to the whorehouse and found himself a bride.

CRYSTAL---The Prodigal. The whore who learned that God knew her last name.

CINDY---A little child shall lead them.

CREW---If you needed bowl of shrimp, or if you needed man killed, he was always there to
do you a favor.
Zamzar was a Talanian  teen-aged   screw-up.
But    he    had   a   heart   of   gold and   an   endless   curiosity-----
His   curiosity   sent   him   and  his   friends across   the   vastness   of   outer   space to   
investigate    a   strange   phenomenon.
He    never    expected    to    fall    into    Hell.   
"The Return"
A Stranger came to a small western town to find himself a bride;
His name was Jesus Christ
"The War of Nephilim"

Marjiff  was a mild mannered college history teacher.
The sinister Alien kidnapped him and others of his race, and took them on a wild,
frightening dash across vast galaxies----

And there he was,   Stranded on a remote planet
Called   Earth---
To   witness   the    Return   of   Christ
"Augie Bear"

Augie Bear  was a lonely little dog---
Until he made friends with a new neighbor dog, who had to work for a living
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